What is Shockwave Therapy? How does it work..?

Daniel Graham

Daniel Graham

Podiatrist at Podiatry First

Shockwave Therapy… Sounds scary huh? It’s actually not.

When ever I say to people:

“I get great results utilizing Shockwave Therapy in conditions like this.”

The initial look I get in response is classic. From the expression on their faces, I feel as though I can see exactly what it is they are visualizing.

The first thing I usually need to do is re-assure the patient that I do not plan on electrocuting them.

Shockwave Therapy is a form of sound therapy.

In a nutshell, sound waves are aimed into the body and influence our tissues at a cellular level causing regeneration.

How does it work?

It is typically described as a ball shaped superficial acoustic impulse; have a look at the picture below. The soundwave is generated by a metal bullet projected down a small metal cylinder. At the end of the cylinder, there is an applicator that transfers the energy from the bullet into the body. This triggers a series of biological events that in turn create the therapeutic outcome.

But what does it actually do?

The shockwave initiates a cascade of events resulting in: cell proliferationmigration, and differentiationcollagen synthesisneo-angiogenesisosteoblast and periosteum stimulation; analgesia; reduced inflammation; soft tissue release; chronic wound healing; accelerated healing process.

Get back to your peak performance!

Clinical uses

Shockwave Therapy has a broad variety of treatable conditions such as: plantar fasciitis; achilles tendinopathy; patella tendinopathy; myofacial trigger points; lateral epicondylitis of the elbow; calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder; non-union and delayed-union long bone fractures; bone healing. Other studies show even having success treating complex regional pain syndrome and osteoarthritis!

So it’s a miracle treatment!?

No, it’s not a miracle treatment. At Podiatry First, we never use Shockwave Therapy as the sole treatment. We always address all the issues surrounding the specific injury. This commonly involves stretching and strengthening programs. We use Shockwave Therapy as an additional modality used in our treatments to get better results for all our patients.

If you are suffering from tightness or pain, come on in and see me at Podiatry First. We can see what you need to get you to your peak performance.


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