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You have pain and want it eliminated fast.  Simply call us today and book your consultation so we can help you ASAP. If you’d like to learn more about possible causes of your pain before you call, please click the yellow highlights on the body below to discover more about common issues we can treat.

Biomechanical Assessment
Biomechanical Assessment
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Sports Podiatry
Sports Podiatry
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General Treatment
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Cold Laser Fungal Treatment
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Ingrown Toenail

Podiatrist Sydney – NDIS Registered Provider

Podiatrist Sydney CBD

At Podiatry First we offer a fresh approach to helping our clients and we’re focused on treating every patient as an individual with unique needs . We care about you and what you are missing out on because of  your pain. Whether your pain is stopping you from working, playing with your kids, exercising for fitness or training for a competition, our aim is to get you back to your activities as quickly as possible and achieve your goals.

Our focus in your treatment is to find the exact causes of your issue, treating not only the symptoms but the  sometimes complex causative factors to holistically address your issue.

This means we can eliminate your pain quickly and prevent it from coming back.

Best Podiatrists in Sydney

Our clients become willing, active partners in their treatment whilst being educated on their unique bio-mechanics and ways to move and exercise safely into the future. Our aim for our clients is for them to remain active, healthy and prevent complications like future pain, injury joint degeneration and surgery.

Many of our clients feel as though they have exhausted all their options with other practitioners in resolving their issue without success.

Our unique holistic philosophy has allowed us to find solutions for our clients where others have tried, but failed.

Our dedication to embracing the latest technology in sports science and medical research with the most skilled health practitioners in our field means that you get only the best treatment when you visit us.

This commitment to excellence and a reputation for results has lead to our clinic referred to by Sydney’s leading surgeons, specialists and allied health practitioners  – making our successful methods highly sought after in our industry

We know that we can help you resolve your pain issues and join the ever growing tribe of happy clients we have helped  become pain free and achieving their goals and improving their quality of life. We believe we’re the best podiatrist’s Sydney have to offer. Come meet our team of expert sports podiatrists who will get the best results for you, get in touch today.

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