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Podiatry First is recognised as the leading and most progressive Podiatry clinic in the Eastern Suburbs.

Podiatry First

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Podiatry First

We have a range of services to care for your feet.

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We are a family friendly practice to help you care for your children's feet.

Podiatry First

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The Podiatrists at Podiatry First have specialist training in the complex
field of lower limb biomechanics, and the treatment of sports related injuries.

Podiatry First

Podiatry First emphasizes holistic health.

All our solutions are tailored towards getting people back on their feet. We identify any underlying problems that predispose our patients to a reduction in their quality of life and then tailor a treatment.

We understand foot and leg pain can cause pain and limit mobility whilst stopping in your tracks in your training progress.

Our solutions are intended to address the current condition whilst finding solutions which concentrate on longterm treatment to keep you pain free and healthy.

Latest technology

We have the latest digital gait analysis system, which our expert Podiatrists can use to treat your sport injury.

The Podiatrists at Podiatry First are specialists in Biomechanical injury Assessment.

Teamed with the latest in cutting technology such as laser scanned 3D CAD CAM orthotics, we are able to solve your lower limb  injuries and prevent future complications.

General Treatment Service

Our General Treatment is an experience that goes beyond expectation. You will leave not only pain free, but your feet will feel refreshed and re-energised.

Our Philosophy

We approach our practice with unparalleled enthusiasm and with a holistic philosophy that is unique in our field. This fresh approach is also  embraced by our patients who become partners in improving not only their feet and legs but their general health.

This holistic philosophy has allowed us to find solutions to our clients problems where others have failed.

Our philosophy is to embrace the latest in technology and medical research to provide the cutting edge treatments for  the benefit of our clients.

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